We offer several standard accessories to get the job done! From walls, to ceilings, to floors and every crevice in between, you'll find a tool to tackle any job!

Premium Bare Floor Brush

The Premium 12" Bare Floor Brush has natural hair bristles for thorough, but gentle cleaning of all hard-surface floors (wood, tile, vinyl, slate). The front opening in the bristles captures dirt inside the brush--it doesn't just push dirt and dust around. The floor brush also offers edge-to-edge cleaning and a swivel neck for easy maneuvering around obstacles. With the wand securely attached to the hose handle, insert the other end tightly into the floor brush attachment and you're ready to go. 


Premium Rug Tool

The Premium 12" Rug Tool has a large body and a lower profile, for a wider cleaning path that easily fits under furniture. The rug tool directs airflow through large air channels (not bristles), for more vacuum power resulting in deeper cleaning of rugs and mats. Insert the wand end tightly into the rug tool for quick cleaning of rugs and low-nap carpets. 



Premium Upholstery Tool

The Premium Upholstery Tool gently yet thoroughly cleans all your delicate and durable fabrics--furniture, pillows, comforters and all types of draperies. The upholstery tool is typically slid onto the hose handle, but if a longer reach is needed, insert the wand into the hose handle and slide the upholstery tool onto the wand end.


Premium Dusting Brush

The Premium Dusting Brush features an ergonomic design for efficient and comfortable cleaning. The wide opening prevents dirt build-up and clogs and also prevents bristles from drawing together due to suction. Provides powerful suction through soft bristles to gently dust and clean woodwork, baseboards and moldings, light fixtures and lamps, blinds and valances, televisions, monitors and even keyboards! The dusting brush is typically slid onto the hose handle for common dusting tasks, but if a longer reach is needed (for ceilings or crown molding), insert the wand into the hose handle and slide the dusting brush onto the wand end.


Premium Crevice Tool

The Premium Crevice Tool has a sleek body which allows it to slide smoothly into narrow and tight spaces. It also features a no-snag bottom edge so your fabrics won't be damaged. Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas (between couch cushions or under the refrigerator), floor edges and corners, stairs, vents and car interiors. The crevice tool can be attached to the hose handle or the wand for a longer reach.