Battery Powerheads 

Battery powerheads are perfect companions to both conventional systems and retractable hose systems. They provide the "electric clean" without additional cords or electricity.

Edge Charge Battery Powerhead
Edge Charge Battery Powerhead
  • 5-position height foot pedal easily adjusts to a wide variety of carpets and floor surfaces
  • Bright LED headlight illuminates your cleaning path and offers longer service life
  • 13.25" wide cleaning path for quick and efficient cleaning
  • Long-life battery with up to 40 minutes runtime per charge
  • 4 rubber wheels (2 large & 2 small) glide over any flooring or heavy pile carpet
  • Pivoting swivel neck for easy maneuverability around furniture and in tight areas
  • Dry squeegee thoroughly cleans hard surfaces
  • Chevron-style bristle design promotes maximum cleaning and airflow
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Flex Charge Battery Powerhead
RugRat Powerhead
  • Non-electric powerhead with multipurpose brush roller that tackles both carpet and hard floor cleaning
  • LED lights, Swivel/Pivot neck, and Wide 9.5” cleaning path ensures quick and thorough sweeping
  • Rechargeable battery pack provides 90 minutes of high-performance cleaning
  • Ideal for Chameleon, non-electric, or low volume installations
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Volt Powerhead
Volt Battery Powerhead
  • Long-life battery charges in just 2 hours and has up to 60 minutes of runtime per charge
  • 6 rubber wheels and wrap-around rubber bumper guard protects moldings and furniture
  • 12" wide cleaning path with powerful edge-to-edge cleaning
  • Automatic carpet height adjustment for easy and thorough cleaning of all carpet types
  • Squeegee on bottom plate allows for bare floor cleaning
  • Lightweight integrated wand/body is just 11 lbs. 
  • Ultra-bright LED headlight illuminates your cleaning path
  • Made in the USA
  • 4-year manufacturer's warranty
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